Expected Date

Hi Kaili!

Today is the day you were expected to be born – Monday, February 6th, 2017.  However, you decided that you just couldn’t wait to meet us, so you opted to join the world three weeks ago instead.

When your American grandparents were over last week, Grandma would mention how you weren’t really born yet!  Well, today’s the day so now you’ll have to start pulling your weight around the house.  🙂

In the past three weeks, you’ve gone from a great birth by our surrogate, to a quick hospital discharge, to a pretty smooth long drive home, to where you are now!  You’re now eating on a more regular basis and starting to look around at the world more too. I also think that you have gained some good weight. We think that as of Friday you likely are 6.8 lbs which would be a one pound gain from your birth weight.

Keep up being a great little girl, Kaili!



Author: KeithMcD

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  1. Give her a kiss and a snuggle from Framma Let me know how that “pulling your weight” thing goes

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