On Pacifiers and Poo

Another week, another post, but this time with some interesting and odd topics. You, Kaili, are now 2.5 weeks old and are learning how to be a better tiny human in this world. You’ve lost pretty much all of your yellow jaundice coloring since you’ve pooed many times in the past week. We also have learned more about you – how you sleep, how to train you better, and what you are needing. 

But, let’s get to the two topics indicated in the post topic – pacifiers and poo!  We had received a few sample pacifiers from Nuk, but we’ve found that you instead very heavily prefer the JollyPop pacifier (shown above). The Mayo Clinic had given us several of these and they are certainly the best way to keep you happy between feedings when you are being especially fussy. We’ve found that the Nuk is just too rigid and doesn’t have any give – traits you seem to really enjoy in a pacifier!

For poo, we are happy that you have been pretty regular by going at least once a day or more. A regular baby is a happy and healthy baby!

We are also finding that you are already working on your muscle control!  Yesterday you seemed to have a short time of some good neck control by moving your head around a pretty good amount without any support!  

Keep it up, little one!  



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