Sleepless, yet peaceful, nights

It has now been one week since your birth, Kaili.  Your baba and I are working in shifts to feed you every two hours, and I thought I’d share some musings while holding you between two especially-late rounds. 

I’ve watched you sleep for a week’s worth of naps now and I wonder – what do you dream about?  I can watch your eyes move about and your face contort with whatever dreams you may be having, but I wonder what the topics could be at such a very young age. Are you dreaming of being back in the warm watery environment you were in a week ago – being cared for by our wonderful surrogate and her family for the previous nine months?  Are you already dreaming of the future you could have with your two dads?  It is an interesting thing to contemplate. 

I’m also thinking about sleep, or the lack thereof, that I am getting. I should be sleeping between feedings right now but instead I just can’t put you down nor keep myself from looking at you. Sure, I’ll zonk out after I put you to sleep after the next feeding, but I’ll be back up again before you – or I – know it to care for you again. It’s all worth it though to keep you well fed and healthy at this – the start of your life. 

Well, another feeding and diaper change is coming up in 10 minutes. I’ll have to wake you from your peaceful slumber. This post started with a photo of you from just before I started writing, so it’s fitting for me to add another of you from just now as well at the end. 



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