Jet Setter In Training

Kaili, you are already on your way to experiencing all this world has to offer – and you don’t even realize it yet!  

Yesterday was a big day when Baba, Daddy, and you traveled from home, to Toronto Canada, and finally to Amsterdam Netherlands!  Actually, it was your second time visiting Toronto – you were also there May 21, 2016 when you were -9 months old!  Just over six weeks old and you’ve already had two flights and visited two countries!

We had help from some fantastic ticket counter staff at both Air Canada and Jet Airways to resolve the fact that we did not have an infant ticket.  Air Canada moved us in the plane and even gave us an additional seat to where we were able to strap in the car seat!  Amazingly you slept the entire flight not even noticing we had even moved!  During the flight your Baba was even able to get some time in reading his UDI regulations – that’s some riveting reading. 

The Jet Airways ticketing staff of Vivian and Samiya. They worked for about an hour and then rushed us through to security to ensure we made the second flight.  Vivian was visibly excited when she finally got their system to issue us a ticket too!  The crew on the flight were all very kind and accommodating – we were able to get a bassinet for you so you had a large spot of your own!  Everyone was fawning over you and of course – commenting how cute and well behaved you were. We sat next to a wonderful couple from Sri Lanka who live in Toronto – fantastic people to chat with and learn about each other!

You did infinitely better at flying than I thought possible!  Keep it up for the next several decades. 🙂

Until next time,

Love you!


Author: KeithMcD

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