Review: Boon Grass

Today I will share what I hope to be the first of many product reviews. These are my takes on items I’ve found useful. In some cases I’ll review items I have also felt were worthless!

Today’s review is for the Boon Grass drying rack and the Boon Twig*.

The Boon Grass, pictured above, is simply two pieces of molded plastic. The base is a white item which the ‘grass’ sits in. The green part is made of a firm plastic and does not have give, unlike what it may appear in the photo. Both parts should be periodically washed in warm water for sanitary reasons.

Zhengbin had purchased this item although I wasn’t too sure of it. However, we have now used in religiously for over two weeks. I can’t think of a better way to dry all of the bottle parts!  Because everything is raised, everything dries consistently and quickly while also looking stylish.

I was so pleased with the Grass, I purchased the Boon Twig (sticking up in the photo with the nipples hanging off) as well. It helps all the random parts dry better and manages the available space more efficiently!  Total, both the Grass and Twig can be had for around $20 – a good deal for something practical yet cute!

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Author: KeithMcD

That geeky guy in the office who happens to be gay.