A Multi-Country Tour

(This post is about our last full day in Netherlands – Friday March 10, 2017)

Friday started like the rest of the week, but ended with quite the adventure and visiting two more countries!

We ate breakfast while Baba went to work for some meetings. I packed most of our luggage while you slept. I then took a nap while we finished waiting for Baba to come back to the hotel.

Once back, we all headed out on a fun day through Europe!  We decided that we wanted to visit Germany and Belgium – two countries that were pretty close to Eindhoven. On the way to our first stop of Aachen, Germany, we stopped in Weert in the Netherlands for a very quick lunch. Somehow we ended up eating at a McDonalds!  After lunch we headed to Aachen to visit the Aachen Cathedral – one of the prime landmarks. It turns out that the city was much more dense than we presumed. After finding a parking spot and navigating the parking meter, we quickly found the Cathedral and took some photos. After driving around a bit more we stopped for a few minutes while Baba went to get some photos with another iconic building.

Next, we left for a spot called Three Countries point. This is where The Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium meet. It is here where you can truly be in three countries at once!  A friendly couple from New Zealand took a photo of us all in multiple countries!  There is also a hedge labyrinth at the location, but it appeared to be closed for the season.

Finally, we headed to Belgium where we would eat dinner!  Our journey took us through several very small towns and then plopped us directly into the third largest city in Belgium. We found a very tight parking lot with one space. Next we walked around until we picked a restaurant. It is interesting that French is almost exclusively spoken here. Finally – a chance to use some of our very limited French skills. It turns out our skills were quite poor, but we were able to order successfully.  The food itself was ok. My kebab was a bit too chewy, but it was fine. After paying, we made our way back to the car then headed back to the hotel

Our last night in Europe was an adventurous one!  We can’t wait to go on more adventures with you!

On Saturday, we headed back home.  You were a model baby – quiet and considerate of the other passengers on the plane!  🙂




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