Three months old!

Today, Kaili turned three months old!  Although only three months old, she’s now been to four other countries (Canada, Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium) and traveled to Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and New York – wow!

This weekend we visited the James Garfield house in Mentor, OH and went on a hike through the North Chagrin Reservation.  It was a truly beautiful weekend with perfect weather!

Kaili is progressing well and is now easily tracking us while we talk and making cooing sounds back.  We need to increase tummy time to further help with neck control, but if sitting up, Kaili is able to hold her head pretty good!

Kaili – you’re quickly developing and growing more and more into our little girl!  We can’t wait to see what you do next on your path and to give you all the support possible!



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  1. She is a gorgeous little girl. Apparently she is a good traveler. I really enjoy seeing pictures and reading your posts. Please keep them coming.

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