Catching up

It’s hard to believe it’s been two and a half months already since my last update here! A lot has changed with our little girl!

In the time that has passed she has become much more active. She now rolls over on her own onto her side and also moves around her crib. She is also starting to enjoy sounds more such as strumming her fingers against surfaces to hear the sounds and presumably feel the surface as well. 

Kaili is starting to pass objects between hands. An example is a small dog stuffed animal that she will pass between her hands and her mouth. Related, Kaili is also starting to pick up objects and bring them to her mouth. She looked at a pacifier in her crib yesterday and when I gave it to her she brought it to her mouth.  Some assistance was needed though to get the right side in first.  🙂

Kaili is a very happy baby. She gets a lot of love from both sides of the family as well as her two daddies. She loves to laugh, kick her feet on surfaces, and smile. She’s got a great, pretty smile!  

In two weeks Kaili will be six months old. It’s surprising how fast time goes and how much she has changed. They really do grow up fast!  We went through many of her clothes this weekend and sorting out what doesn’t fit. I pulled out some special clothes to keep for her very own baby box to reminisce together over. 

Looking forward to all the coming changes and developments with our little one!

Love, Daddy

Although I haven’t been posting her as often as I like, I’ve got a lot of photos and videos with some posted on Instagram. 

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  1. Keith
    You have such a beautiful girl. She is such a lucky little girl to have such a wonderful family. I love the updates and posts. Keep them coming!

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